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LeanTMS® provides complete procurement, planning, execution, and settlement transportation functions.

Discover how LeanTMS® drives
value in retail supply chains

Spend less time spent on tactical
load planning and more time on optimizing the transportation strategy.

Why is LeanTMS® SaaS platform
a game changer for your business

SaaS TMS creates transparency
and collaboration.


Outsource to LeanLogistics - the benefits of best-in-class supply chain processes without all the headaches

Let our transportation managers
find your needed capacity

Rich’s has the visibility to
proactively meet capacity needs

Reduce your administration
cost while improving service

Supply chain waste is your
lowest hanging fruit


Achieving and sustaining
supply chain excellence.

Learn how our network
gives you supply chain visibility

Our Transportation Network will improve your supply chain management in a collaborative environment

The network makes all the
difference to these companies

Synchronize plans and
activities across internal
operations and with carriers.

Learn how Ace Hardware uses our transportation technology to...PROVEN RESULTS

Actionable Intelligence: Leveraging Data to Reduce Costs and Improve Service.

In order to track supply chain improvements, LeanTMS users leverage a proprietary “Actionable Intelligence Model.” This model is an continuous process, consisting of four interactive steps, that are a methodology for achieving and sustaining supply chain excellence.

The process begins with the data: companies leverage LeanTMS data in establishing and tracking near real time KPI’s across their network.

This embedded data is a byproduct, albeit an extremely valuable one, of the LeanTMS SaaS environment: transparent, factual and readily available. Next, LeanTMS customers use this data to analyze performance against both organizational goals and industry norms. One obvious example is rates in a specific lane; less obvious KPI’s are the cost to serve a specific customer, core carrier acceptance and on-time performance, and asset utilization. LeanLogistics’ Actionable Intelligence.

LeanTMS® Technology

The Leading Platform for Transportation Management

LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) transportation management technology and supply chain services. As the first transportation management system to be offered on a true SaaS platform, LeanTMS continues to be one of the most innovative solutions in the supply chain industry. With years of transportation expertise combined with scalable technology and services, LeanLogistics provides many Fortune 1000 companies – such as Dannon, Ace Hardware, and Hostess – the assurance they need to improve business processes while reducing costs.

LeanTMS® gives you:

  • Visibility across the entire LeanLogistics transportation network
  • Complementing products for cost-saving functionality
  • Faster ROI; typical payback within 6-9 months
  • Real-time data through one single SaaS platform
  • Improved supply chain management through a collaborative environment
  • Secure, 24/7, always on access
  • Continuous improvement benchmarks
  • Centralized control over the entire transportation process
  • Scalable platform for quick adaptation to changing business needs

Find out why LeanTMS is rated the best transportation management technology by a Fortune 1000 user community. Get Lean today.

Managed Transportation Services

Outsource the Hassle, Keep the Control.

For business models that require outsourcing transportation management, LeanLogistics offers MTS Managed Transportation Services. Outsourcing your daily transportation management to LeanLogistics MTS gives you the best of both worlds: maintaining control and visibility into the complete transportation process while still controlling relationships and pricing agreements with key carriers. This collaborative approach takes advantage of innovative technology without compromising carrier partnerships.

Unlike other outsourced transportation services, MTS gives you access to the LeanTMS platform to support processes in a flexible and affordable fashion.

  • Assurance of better service at lower costs
  • Access to scalable capacity
  • Frees you and your staff to focus on more strategic supply chain initiatives.
  • Gives you central command and control with complete visibility
  • Benefit from best practices gained from working with Fortune 500
  • See continuous improvement across your supply chain

By streamlining transportation, companies gain more efficient processes while lowering costs. This winning combination of professional logisticians, proven supply chain processes, and industry-leading SaaS software could be your best option. Find out more about LeanLogistics MTS .