I Have a Problem, and I Need Help Fast


Jeremy Clymer, Customer Support Consultant

LeanLogistics® Customer Care Offers Expert, In-House Support

“I have a problem, and I need help fast,” how many times have you said that before? Whenever we run into problems, we want them fixed fast. As a transportation software company, LeanLogistics understands why quick turnaround is always a priority. That’s why our Customer Care team works around the clock to offer outstanding customer support.

For users of LeanTMS™, LeanLogistics offers a variety of ways to get answers to questions ranging from basic system usage to complex setup issues. Users can self-service using Lean’s online repository of information, or contact LeanLogistics directly for assistance via the web, email, or a phone call. All customer care agents have real world experience using LeanTMS, with most having worked in the managed services department as system administrators or transportation coordinators.

With support for LeanTMS being on-site at LeanLogistics instead of outsourced to another company, our customer care agents have easy access to development and technical resources for assistance in addressing potential issues when necessary. The team also works with managed services, implementation, and client services managers to ensure that customers’ needs are addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Responding promptly to customers’ needs is a goal of LeanLogistics Customer Care. All Customer Care requests are assigned a priority based on the information provided and handled by priority in the order of receipt. Response time is calculated as the difference between the time a customer logs a support request and the time they are first contacted. The response times below are for primary Customer Care coverage hours between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays. Emergency after-hours support is also available 24/7 for priority issues such as system outages.

Priority    Initial Response Time Example
1 Within 30 minutes System down, data integrity incident. No workaround exists.
2 Within 2 hours Reproducible issue, disrupted workflow of many loads/orders.
3* Within 4 hours Reproducible issue that is specific to a single order or load
4 Within 1 business day Non-reproducible issue
5 Within 2 business days General administrative question, new carrier set up

In addition to providing direct support, the Customer Care team also manages the LeanLibrary, an online resource with hundreds of answers available for all levels of users in the TMS, from new carrier users to shipper system administrators. Below are just a few examples of information included in the LeanLibrary:

  • Carrier training documents
  • Overviews of newly added functionality
  • Solutions to common reporting questions
  • Schedules for LeanTMS system maintenance

For more in-depth training, LeanIQ® has a number of classes available both on-site at LeanLogistics and online via web-based trainings. A list of upcoming classes is available on the LeanLogistics website.

In our 2015 customer satisfaction survey, 99% of respondents indicated they were satisfied or better with the overall customer support process for LeanLogistics, with 100% indicating they were satisfied or better with the courtesy and professionalism of the Customer Care team and the communication they received from them.  With quick response times and unmatched expertise, the LeanLogistics Customer Care team is one more reason to make LeanLogistics your supply chain partner.

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