What’s Your LeanIQ?


Tristan Sweat, Content Manager

Do you know your IQ? Most of us don’t. But we do know there’s a tendency to feel less intelligent when learning something new, like say, a robust transportation management system. Our goal at LeanLogistics is to make software that’s easy to use,  but there is always a learning curve for someone new to the system. That’s why LeanLogistics offers training courses to help new users get comfortable with the software so they can start maximizing on the investment. We call it LeanIQ.


Barry Clymer, LeanIQ Trainer

Barry Clymer is one of two LeanIQ instructors. He’s been with LeanLogistics for 15 years, but he’s been a software trainer even longer than that, starting with an ERP company in 1997.  He enjoys teaching new users how to use LeanTMS through the Lean Fundamentals course.

“On the first day of each class, most students are nervous to be learning a new software. Some even have doubts that they will be able to understand and use LeanTMS. It is LeanIQ’s mission that all students leave a class feeling comfortable and confident with the functionality they have learned. We feel that we are successful when students who are frowning on the first day, are relaxed and smiling on the last day of class. These are the students for whom the proverbial “light” has been turned on. That is exciting stuff!”

LeanIQ courses have been developed on a building block premise; each class providing a foundation for the next one. First fundamentals for users, then fundamentals for administrators to learn the process of setting up and maintaining shipper companies. Additional instructor-led courses have been developed to help shipper users gain a more detailed understanding of LeanTMS functionality. These include Advanced Planning, Business Intelligence Reporting, Advanced WebSettle, Routing Guides, Rating Engine, Supply Chain Monitor, and Appointment Scheduling. The classes are held in person and online.

“My favorite class is the Business Intelligence (BI) reporting class for report creators. Students become totally engaged and are excited to see the results when they create and run a new report. LeanIQ training curriculum provides a mix of lecture and hands-on labs and exercises. Students learn by doing!”


At the end of the training session, all students are asked to rate their instructor. That’s how Barry knows if the smiles on the second day are genuine. Here are some of the recent responses he has received:

  • “The course (LFUN) was very detailed and the approach to teaching was fantastic, I was able to retain almost everything learned in the course to take back and show our team here. The timing of the training at the beginning of our implementation was perfect; it has enabled me to be a much stronger resource to our internal team.”
  • “Great job managing pace of course (AFUN). Lots of great info about the tool. Glad to have this class prior to kick-off.”
  • “Very comprehensive course. Instructor did a great job explaining the functionality of the software & relating it back to how we can use / implement at our companies.”

With raving reviews in hand, Barry responds, “We always want the students to leave the class feeling like they got their money’s worth and then some!”

Taking the time to ensure customers are successful using our software—that’s one more way we are building better supply chains together.


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