Manage Growth Without Increasing Costs Using? Ask Jel Sert

Client Profile

The Jel Sert Company is a world leader in the production of freezer pops and other foods with great flavor, consumer convenience, and innovative packaging. Founded in 1926, The Jel Sert Company is a privately-held firm whose popular brands include Wyler’s and Wyler’s Light drink mixes, Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops freezer bars, and Royal and My-T-Fine brands of gelatin, pudding, and pie filling. With its extensive capabilities, Jel Sert provides turnkey development and manufacturing solutions, helping pharmaceutical, food and private label companies expand existing product lines and brands with new, novel formats.

Jel Sert’s network consists of nine distribution centers, in addition to its single manufacturing plant. Jel Sert’s primary transportation modes include LTL, TL, inter-modal and parcel.

Business Process and Problem Definition

Jel Sert experienced issues from rapid growth, including an over-stressed transportation staff that manually processed over 25,000 orders annually. These manual processes included handwritten orders and using spreadsheets to manage transportation.

Jel Sert missed opportunities for cost savings through freight consolidation. Orders were processed as received, then filled and dispatched sequentially. As Jel Sert grew, the transportation staff became a critical resource. Freight costs were not analyzed or optimized because of staff shortages. Rising fuel costs escalated transportation costs significantly and the increase in transportation costs drew the attention of senior management.

  • Jel Sert established a list of goals for a transportation management system:
  • Reduce transportation spend
  • Incorporate critical legacy processes and data
  • Create new and improved business processes
  • Manage exceptions
  • Enable enterprise-wide visibility


Process Improvement – SaaS Solution

LeanTMS® is the center of Jel Sert’s fulfillment operations providing visibility for the shipment planners to see each workday holistically and optimize daily shipment transactions. The transportation team now analyzes and consolidates shipments to achieve an overall reduction in logistics and transportation costs.

With real-time visibility of carrier data via LeanTMS, transportation operations and customer service teams now have access to critical information to become more service oriented. In addition, visibility provided by LeanTMS improved communications with the ability to alert customers if shipments are late or in jeopardy of becoming late. LeanTMS improved business intelligence to provide metrics and accountability while allowing Jel Sert the ability to monitor costs and performance-to-plan.
With LeanTMS, Jel Sert gains capabilities which include:

  • Automating transportation processes for planning, execution and settlement
  • Consolidating freight loads to increase LTL shipments
  • Gaining visibility of orders, shipments and payments
  • Reducing annual freight spend

Value Delivered

LeanTMS allows Jel Sert to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Continued growth for Jel Sert means continued expansion for the supply chain supporting Jel Sert customers. Scalability provided by LeanTMS allows Jel Sert to make supply chain expansions while holding transportation headcount constant.

Jel Sert receives cost savings attributable to LeanTMS through visibility and consolidation of shipments. Jel Sert saved approximately 9% of the annual freight bill in the first year with LeanLogistics alone. In addition, the company is able to keep all parties informed regarding shipments as a result of having network-wide, real time visibility.

The benefits Jel Sert continues to receive from LeanLogistics include:

Improved Real-Time visibility: Based on the true SaaS model leveraged by LeanTMS, Jel Sert has actual shipment information for better load consolidation and cost analysis.

Facilitated Proactive Communication: With LeanTMS, Jel Sert has the capability to alert customers if shipments are late or in danger of arriving late.

Increased Freight Bill Savings: With automated payment and auditing, Jel Sert continues to see freight savings each year.

Optimized Asset Utilization: LeanTMS provides visibility to loads and shipments to create more full trucks for carriers through load consolidation.

Utilized Business Intelligence: Jel Sert makes better management decisions based on transportation data and comprehensive reports provided within LeanTMS.

Download the “Jel Sert Manages Significant Growth Without Increasing Costs Using LeanTMS®” case study.