Marine Harvest Gains Transportation Visibility For Global Scalability

Client Profile

Marine Harvest is the world’s leading seafood company offering farmed salmon and processed seafood to customers in more than 50 markets worldwide. The company is present in all major salmon farming regions in the world and the biggest producer of farmed salmon with one fifth of the global production. In addition to fresh and frozen salmon, Marine Harvest offers a wide range of value added products such as coated seafood, ready-to-eat meals, delicious finger food and smoked seafood. With global operations and sales offices throughtout the world, Marine Harvest employs over 6,200 people.

Business Process and Problem Definition

Like many shippers, Marine Harvest faced transportation challenges when demand for their products grew to a global basis. The company decided to move away from a 3PL using a legacy TMS solution, which was not able to support growth in the market. Marine Harvest saw the need to take control of the supply chain in order to grow the business and develop while meeting customer demand. With a hosted TMS in place, Marine Harvest was unable to grow and remain in control of their transportation processes.

Furthermore, with a short shelf life for delivering protein — 35 to 45 days for frozen products and 12 days for fresh products — the company needed a partner who realized the importance of global visibility, in terms of regulatory requirements, multiple regions, and on-time delivery, for freight management.

Marine Harvest established a list of goals for a new transportation management system:

  • Provide access to all supply chain partners
  • Innovative technology on a single instance platform
  • Scalable solution for new business growth
  • Global focus and expertise


Process Improvement – SaaS Solution

Marine Harvest researched TMS vendors and chose LeanLogistics LeanTMS® based on innovative technology while offering a very scalable solution. The true SaaS model utilized by LeanTMS provides quick and easy access throughout the organization and business partners. As Marine Harvest continues to expand carriers and business partners, accessibility with real-time visibility to transportation information is very important.

By leveraging LeanLogistics expertise, Marine Harvest is able to dynamically understand today’s market, which is a key issue for a growing company. By gaining complete visibility into the transportation process, Marine Harvest is able to benchmark carriers and record KPIs enabling the company to make strategic decisions in the procurement process. With a better procurement process in place, Marine Harvest saw cost savings of 1 to 5%.

Additional benefits of LeanTMS to Marine Harvest include:

  • Providing real-time access available to all parties
  • Standardizing approach and process
  • Providing real-time track and trace of global shipments
  • Cost savings from procurement process

Value Delivered

The challenges Marine Harvest faced, like many growing global shippers, translates into navigating logistics issues as shipper’s ramp up their scale in existing markets as well as look at potential new markets. Clearly one of the best ways to help overcome these challenges is to employ technology; to provide the structure for this growth, as well supply chain services to provide the nuanced expertise required to scale transportation management.

With LeanTMS, Marine Harvest provides accessibility across all business partners, operational facilities and sales offices. With LeanTMS, all metrics relating to shipments are within one system versus having to get multiple reports from individual carriers. Marine Harvest has immediate cost and benchmark metrics for a real-time snapshot of company performance. In addition to visibility benefits, the LeanLogistics true SaaS solution enables easy system maintenance – Marine Harvest receives three system upgrades annually without involving internal IT resources.

The benefits Marine Harvest continues to receive from LeanLogistics include:

  • Expertise: With many international shippers in the LeanLogistics network, the company is able to rely on LeanLogistics’ knowledge of today’s global market
  • Assurance: LeanTMS minimized the risk for Marine Harvest, allowing the company to secure new business and continue to grow
  • Innovative Technology: All partners have instant access to the system for real-time visibility into shipments while allowing collaboration with all parties
  • Scalability: LeanTMS offers an agile solution enabling business growth and adjusting to fit the company’s needs

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