Value Delivered Through LeanLogistics SaaS Solution

Client Profile

CHEP Canada is the Canadian operating group of a Global Equipment Pooling company, CHEP, founded in 1945. CHEP has $4.8B in global annual sales, operating across 50 countries, executing a Canadian freight spend of +$50M USD. This amount does include Northbound cross-border shipments of stock transfers, but does not include shipments of stock transfers into the US.

Business Process and Problem Definition

Converse to the company’s United States operating entity, CHEP Canada is responsible for paying the freight for 80% of all of its assets that are returning to their internal supply chain, 35% of issues to customers, and 100% of assets being transferred between plants. The previous process was manually managed through the use of spreadsheets generated from their ERP System. The company needed to properly compliment their ERP System with an efficient TMS, while automating processes via their LeanLogistics Managed Transportation Services team. CHEP Canada was also looking to gain enterprise visibility through standard KPI reporting formats and standardize general business practices. Leveraging a true SaaS TMS was seen as essential to keep moving the business forward to meet the marketplace’s ever-changing and dynamic demands.


Process Improvement – Automated Carrier Payment

Utilizing the paperless automated WebSettle® carrier payment processes, CHEP Canada was able to reduce carrier payment cycle time by 32% compared to their pre-TMS baseline. A reduction on top of these savings was also realized when the current FYTD was analyzed. On average, the client has realized an overall reduction since partnering with LeanLogistics while strengthening carrier- partner relationships through increased cash flow.

Value Delivered

Enterprise Visibility
Leveraging LeanTMS® has enabled CHEP Canada to execute their daily operations utilizing:

  • Improved real-time visibility of orders and shipment status
  • Utilizing the automated spot market to manage short-term capacity constraints
  • Leveraging the robust standard and advanced KPI reporting engine via TMS
    • Improve cost and service
    • Tools to manage static and dynamic supply chains
    • Complete point-to-point data including intermediate stops

Procurement Improvement

By engaging LeanSource®, an innovative transportation sourcing and procurement technology, a strategic and organized approach to lane-specific carrier capacity and pricing can be used to streamline the reoccurring RFP process many companies rely heavily on as part of delivering value to the bottom line.

As a compliment to LeanSource, utilizing the LeanLogistics Transportation Network also allows for price comparison from a collaborative and robust TMS Network.

  • More than $7B in global annual transportation spend
  • 15 million shipments
  • 8 million loads
  • 88,000 unique users
  • Over 10,000 carrier partners

Enhanced Daily Execution Abilities
By leveraging the expertise of their LeanLogistics Managed Transportation Services team, CHEP Canada was able to operate with many complex and dynamic functionalities of the TMS simultaneously, utilizing complete automation where it made sense for their business. Essentially doing more with less man hours, additional resources were re-deployed
to support additional Value Added projects and initiatives to impact the bottom line.

Intermodal Partners

  • Pre-established EDI connectivity with the two largest rail providers, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific

LTL Optimization and Consolidation Engines

  • Fully automated and configurable load building rules

French Language Platform

  • TMS has multi-lingual platforms to suit your needs, including both French and French Canadian

Full Canadian Taxation Support

  • Automated support for all GST, HST, and PST taxation requirements

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