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Your Transportation Management Purchase is Only the Beginning

Your technology purchase, although significant, is just the beginning of your value-driven experience with LeanLogistics. Our team is committed to helping you get the most from your LeanTMS, to help you build a better supply chain, to automate those repetitive tasks that eat up your day, and to revolutionize your transportation way-of-working. As a leader in supply chain services, LeanLogistics has the breadth of expertise that is now on your team. We utilize a technology built over 15 releases to deliver optimal solutions for organizations all over the world. You can call on this business expertise with a team of qualified logistics professionals, along with administering unique global capabilities and access to in-depth industry data.

With numerous awards in customer service, LeanLogistics begins by thoroughly understanding your business and supply chain issues. Our implementation team works quickly with minimum disruption, with complementary support specifically designed for your needs. From start to finish, LeanLogistics assigns personalized technical support and training to cultivate efficiency, continuous improvement and operational control.

LeanLogistics maintains an exclusive competitive difference with ongoing services set apart from your initial experience. Quarterly Business Reviews ensure we are meeting your goals, and Strategic Services offers engineering. The ClientConnect program offers open communication globally, while managed procurement allows for transportation optimization and efficient sourcing. With LeanIQ, you and your staff will stay current on LeanTMS evolving functionality.

Through initial practices combined with unique ongoing benefits, LeanLogistics provides unmatched service and satisfaction. Fostering resources to adequately reduce costs, adding value-driven services, and adhering to customer strategic objectives, LeanLogistics ensures clients experience excellence.

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