Expertise in the Supply Chain Domain

More Than Transportation, A New Way of Working.

Benefit from our supply chain expertise. From award-winning customer service to innovative developments in transportation technology, LeanLogistics’ team of supply chain experts will give your company a competitive advantage. Whether it’s expertise in developing innovative technology that evolves with market changes or proficiency in user workflow, interface, and experience, LeanLogistics looks at transportation in a new light.

In addition to designing technology that can scale and maintain accessibility, LeanLogistics’ seamless deployment and implementation process continues to maintain a level of service that is an industry gold standard of 99.9%. From technology development to individual expertise, LeanLogistics prides itself on continuous improvement and advancement, keeping our solutions quick and agile in a constantly changing environment.

Assurance of Supply Chain Success

LeanLogistics is Your Strategic Supply Chain Partner.

With more than 100 successful implementations completed using proven standardized processes, LeanLogistics minimizes risk for customers while providing ongoing value. Since 1999, LeanLogistics has been recognized for sustained leadership and growth within the transportation industry. As innovative pioneers of SaaS-based TMS technology, LeanLogistics assures customers in all markets gain supply chain visibility.

From providing industry-leading training through our LeanIQ® courses to being the preferred application of the largest carrier base, LeanLogistics supports all supply chain partners in order to assure success. LeanLogistics continues to keep open lines of communication with customers. We are proud to have an award-winning customer support team and a 95% renewal rate with our current customers. We also enjoy partnering with customers to test our new technology and services. By being customer-centric, LeanLogistics is able to provide assurance and expertise to keep your business moving forward.

Scalability for Evolving Supply Chains

LeanTMS® and Managed Transportation Services are Scalable to Meet Your Needs.

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, companies of all sizes must be able to quickly scale their supply chain. From rapid shifts in supply and demand, to mergers and acquisitions to organizational changes, LeanLogistics LeanTMS and Managed Transportation Services can be quickly scaled to meet new transportation requirements. LeanLogistics continues to develop emerging technologies and services, setting the pace in transportation solutions. LeanLogistics technology and managed services help companies:

  • Quickly scale transportation resources and networks as needed
  • Centralize control over all new and existing transportation activities
  • Scale infrastructure to proactively manage costs and service levels
  • Easily onboard new internal and external partners when needed

LeanLogistics provides supply chain scalability through one of the largest networks of carriers and shippers, executing over $7B in freight spend annually. Companies leverage LeanLogistics operational and functional capabilities to obtain flexibility in the management of their supply chain. Through collaboration, visibility, and multiple network partners, customers are uniquely capable of adjusting to marketplace conditions effectively. From acquiring new business to mergers and acquisitions to departmental changes, LeanLogistics technology and services scale to help manage transportation. As LeanLogistics solutions grow, our innovative supply chain services also continue to develop and leverage technology to keep our solutions flexible.

Innovation in Technology and Service

Continuous Improvement Drives Greater Value.

The pioneer of SaaS TMS, LeanLogistics continues to innovate through a single-instance, multi-tenant platform. With this SaaS model, companies leverage data mining, benchmarking, and analytics to drive greater value in their supply chain. LeanLogistics delivers innovation in business process outsourcing that cannot be gained through traditional transportation partnerships.

LeanLogistics Managed Transportation Services professionals leverage LeanTMS technology to drive value for companies outsourcing their transportation functions. By continuing to expand our technology footprint, LeanLogistics is able to develop new strategies focused on delivering supply chain services. By realizing the importance of transparent true data, LeanLogistics is able to provide customers with predictive analysis, enabling them to use this information to plan for tomorrow.