When The Order is Complex, The Solution is LeanTMS.

Many fresh and frozen food companies come face to face with SKU intensive distribution from multiple processing facilities to far reaching DCs, consolidation points, foodservice and retail outlets. LeanTMS streamlines complexity into visible, easily managed systems.

Business Process and Problem Definition

It starts like this: existing transportation management systems are no longer sufficient to cope with the increasing complexity of operations. They include manual processes to support the lack of flexibility and they are time-consuming. A LeanLogistics client needed optimization, automation and load planning as well as a streamlined process for better collaboration with carriers. Furthermore, the company lacked visibility of critical elements in the supply chain, such as accessorial management. Lastly, manual processes were used to monitor internal compliance with purchasing directives.

Process Improvement – SaaS Solution 

The company turned to LeanLogistics LeanTMS®, a SaaS-based solution which handles order planning, appointment and dock scheduling, carrier payment and performance reporting that was needed in a transportation solution. In addition, the company engaged with LeanLogistics’ Strategic Support Services to optimize the overall use of transportation technology and enhanced reporting to indicate how carrier performance was trending over time. After moving to LeanTMS, a new series of scorecards delivered a better sense of carrier performance. This enabled data driven discussions to develop a more robust relationship with carriers. Additionally, increased visibility provides carriers a more accurate picture of service quality while streamlining basic processes. Now, the company documents key performance indicators online, which serve as primary benchmarks for developing carrier relationships. With automatic routing guides, the company is able to improve the execution of its request for proposal (RFP) strategy. Automated processes lead to less time spent on tactical load planning and more time for optimizing the current transportation strategy. The company also gained better visibility to the behavior of the transportation staff. With customized dashboards and reporting, transportation planners have the data to drive ownership to create value for the business. The scalable and flexible nature of the LeanLogistics’ SaaS-based TMS solution enables them to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

Value Delivered

The client leverages technologies, such as LeanTMS, through a common platform shared with a community of supply chain professionals – the LeanLogistics Network. The SaaS platform behind LeanTMS, combined with LeanLogistics’ Strategic Support Services, enables the company to collaborate with multiple parties in the supply chain, scale infrastructure and efficiently adapt technology based on changing business needs, as well as provides visibility to manage the entire transportation process. LeanTMS enables the client to:

  • Reduce costs, save time and conserve resources
  • Improve services, enhance customer service and boost on-time deliveries
  • Gain complete visibility into supply chain data
  • Automate routing guides, dock scheduling, freight payment, accessorial processes
  • Improve performance of the internal transportation team LeanLogistics’ Strategic Support Services maximizes the value of LeanTMS by utilizing best practices and developing KPIs and enhanced reports.
  • Utilize LeanOpt3™, a transportation optimization solution, which provides automation of the load build process while considering physical and financial constraints.
  • The company also took advantage of LeanFleet®, a fleet optimization module that focuses on management of private and/or dedicated assets.

Carrier performance is seen on a trending scale with the help of carrier scorecards while improvements in internal and external compliance allow for a more robust shipper-carrier relationship. With the combination of this project-based service and LeanTMS, the company continues to scale for growth, cut costs, enable visibility and enhance customer service.

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