Free Ebook: Becoming a Shipper of Choice

Metrics That Matter

Being a Shipper of Choice in the current freight environment may be the last chance as a shipper to lock in deep partnerships with carriers before the capacity crunch gets worse. Contract carriers are saying that true shipper partners are those who drive waste and inefficiencies out of the transportation process. In order to reduce waste and increase efficiencies, a Shipper of Choice must have deep visibility into their performance metrics, as well as the performance of their partners.

The third eBook in the series, Becoming a Shipper of Choice: Metrics that Matter, takes you step by step to measuring your Shipper of Choice initiatives, what to measure, and what it takes to set yourself apart from all the other shippers competing for capacity.

Download the eBook now to learn:

  • How payment metrics can start your carrier partnerships off on the right foot
  • Which metrics are impacting your transportation bottom line (outside Tender Acceptance and On Time Performance)
  • Best in class methods to communicate your results, not only to your leadership, but to all stakeholders

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