LeanGlobal International Transportation Management

Now One System for Domestic and International Shipments

LeanGlobal®, a tightly integrated module available within LeanTMS®, provides a comprehensive solution for managing multi-leg, multi-modal, domestic, and cross-border freight from source to landed door. It streamlines the process of moving ocean freight to improve performance and reduce cost. LeanGlobal centralizes the planning, execution, and settlement of full container load ocean freight into a single workflow.

The electronic data integration with drayage and ocean carriages, trade law compliance and validation, and product tracking allows for easy management on one platform. By automating both import and export processes, companies are able to flow goods easily across international borders while maintaining visibility from port to port. LeanGlobal leverages the LeanLogistics Transportation Network to offer users actionable intelligence, which is real-time data shippers can use to make better business decisions.


  • Integrated global trade compliance
  • Multi-currency ocean freight rating, including carrier surcharges
  • Electronic communication with steamship lines and freight forwarders
    • Booking request and confirmation
    • Sailing schedules
    • Shipping instructions
    • Shipment status updates
    • Booking amendments
    • U.S. export/import filing
  • WebSettle® for automatic payment

LeanGlobal customers see a dramatic cost-savings as the system streamlines planning processes, reduces accessorial charges, and increases visibility. Working on a single platform allows users to navigate complex global supply chains with ease. LeanGlobal’s analytic reporting feeds actionable intelligence back to the shipper to aid smarter business decisions.

  • Improve shipper productivity by 30%
  • Reduce transportation costs by 10%
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Increase supply chain responsiveness

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