Inbound Management

Take Control of Inbound Shipments

LeanInbound™, a module in the LeanTMS® suite of transportation management solutions, allows companies to effectively manage inbound shipments from purchase order to delivery. Shippers in industries ranging from Food & Beverage to Retail to Third-Party Logistics can improve supply chain management by utilizing transportation technology to actively manage their inbound process.

With the ability to control transportation costs that are traditionally charged by the supplier, companies minimize costs by consolidating inbound shipments. Additionally, shippers obtain lower-cost backhauls and continuous moves when utilizing their private fleet capacity or core carriers.

LeanInbound allows companies to:

  • Increase visibility into purchase orders and shipment activity
  • Improve on-time dependability and eliminate variance
  • Remove dock congestion with automatic appointment scheduling
  • Reduce inventory and out-of-stocks by optimizing the overall transportation plan

LeanInbound is available as a module of LeanLogistics LeanTMS.

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