Actionable Intelligence: Leveraging Data to Reduce Costs and Improve Service

LeanLogistics is always driving innovation in supply chain technology and one way our customers benefit is from actionable intelligence. Our true SaaS model provides 16 years of transportation data. This scaled, neutral network is completely transparent. No other company on the market has this density of information. Actionable intelligence provides a way to challenge the transportation climate and give your company a competitive advantage.

actionable intelligence logistics

One way to make better business decisions is by understanding the effectiveness of your supply chain. Big data alone is not enough, you need the right tools to leverage the information and apply it to your company’s unique needs. Actionable intelligence is a continuous process that challenges companies to consider cost-savings in areas they have never explored previously. The data is pointing them in a new direction and revealing questions they didn’t know to ask.

LeanTMS customers can use this data to analyze performance against both organizational goals and industry norms. One obvious example is rates in a specific lane. Less obvious examples include the cost to serve a specific customer, core carrier acceptance, on-time performance, and asset utilization.

This analytical phase is followed by decision making, using the results of the analysis to refine a carrier strategy, initiate new procurement, revise modes, or even redesign distribution. The actionable intelligence allows for the ability to drive more efficient capabilities.

The final stage is following through on the decision making and executing new strategies to maximize efficiencies. This process needs to be a best practice within the organization, repeated over and over again until targets are met or exceeded. Even then, the work is not done. The supply and demand landscape will continue to evolve and actionable intelligence must be the standard way of staying on top of changing conditions.

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