Transportation Network Reduces Empty Miles

GreenLanes® Identifies Collaborative Lane Opportunities for LeanLogistics Customers

greenlanesReduce empty miles with GreenLanes®. GreenLanes is a collaborative network of shippers and carriers that facilitates the continuous movement of assets, optimizing lanes for mutual benefit. LeanLogistics customers benefit from guaranteed capacity, premium service levels, and the opportunity for cost savings. GreenLanes addresses the long-standing challenge of aligning shipper demand with available carrier capacity across all lanes. Optimization of this scope—touching virtually all important lanes in the U.S. supply chain—is possible by the transparency of aggregate volume moving through the LeanLogistics Transportation Network. GreenLanes offers financial and service benefits to all shippers and carriers of the transportation community, while also yielding the environmental implications of fewer empty miles and corresponding reduction in carbon emissions.

LeanLogistics GreenLanes is available to LeanTMS users as well as Managed Transportation clients.