Managed Procurement

Outsource Your Procurement Process to Supply Chain Experts

Transportation sourcing can be a significant challenge for many shippers. Typically the procurement process to identify potential new carriers requires a major investment of time and resources. The transportation team must develop a request for proposal (RFP), follow up on carrier responses, evaluate multiple award scenarios, and implement new carriers into the mix. 

Managed Procurement Services from LeanLogistics provides freight sourcing expertise, industry benchmarks, and innovative technology to more efficiently and effectively handle transportation procurement.

Companies leveraging LeanLogistics Managed Procurement Services are able to:

  • managed-procurementOptimize transportation and spend across lanes, carriers, and modes
  • Identify which lanes and carriers represent the greatest opportunity for improvement
  • Increase efficiency of the transportation sourcing process
  • Compare carriers and lanes without disrupting current workflow
  • Benchmark rates and service levels against industry metrics

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