SaaS Transport Management in Canada and North America

Understanding the unique region-specific challenges of transport management can make a difference between a fair transport solution and a great transport solution. Chief among a successful transportation management system is its ability to access the larger North American transportation market, not just Canada, optimize loads and lanes, and to scale to meet your needs. SaaS solutions, such as LeanTMS, offer a robust platform for visibility and collaboration among network members, leading to greater efficiencies for Canadian shippers, carriers, 3PLs and consignees.

Through collaboration, visibility, and access to optimum capacity, LeanTMS clients gain new efficiencies by:

  • Centralizing control over all transport activities
  • Scaling infrastructure to proactively manage costs and service levels
  • Optimize loads, including LTL, for better asset utilization and lower costs
  • Optimizing intermodal resources and networks
  • Managing cross border moves with greater automation
  • Reducing administration costs and transport spend

Canadian Lane, Load and Carrier Optimization

The LeanLogistics global footprint includes a diverse community of network users in Canada. From access to a large community of Canadian carriers and US carriers with CPAT and qualifying operating authority, Canadian shippers can better align themselves with capacity that meets their specific needs.
Specifically, LeanTMS® provides:

  1. Global route planning and optimization
  2. Load optimization
  3. Execution
  4. Freight audit and payment
  5. On demand procurement
  6. International transport management
  7. Supply chain visibility
  8. For hire, dedicated and in-house fleet management
  9. Ability to easily manage customs, tariffs and currencies

Optimize International Moves with LeanGlobal®

Many shippers face the challenge of orchestrating an end-to-end transportation process while managing the interplay with other third parties, such as customers, suppliers, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers and government agencies. Doing so effectively is difficult, regardless of whether the shipper is importing or exporting freight. LeanGlobal®, a tightly integrated module available within LeanTMS, provides a comprehensive solution for managing multi-leg, multi-modal, domestic and cross-border freight.

LeanGlobal enables companies to:

  • Manage domestic and international freight in a single global TMS system
  • Navigate complex global supply chains with ease: customs, tariffs, currencies and languages
  • Collaborate seamlessly with domestic and international supply chain partners/li>
  • Access to integrated import and export trade compliance
  • Use the portable TMS solution that LeanLogistics offers in order to enable centralized or decentralized team structure

LeanLogistics offers you significant benefits compared to other TMS providers:

  • Expertise — LeanLogistics supply chain experts lead continuous improvement and in turn provide customers with a competitive advantage.
  • Assurance — With more than 100 successful implementations around the globe, including Air Canada Cargo and Dannone Canada, LeanLogistics minimizes risk for customers while providing ongoing value.
  • Innovation – The pioneer of SaaS TMS, LeanLogistics continues to innovate through a single-instance, multi-tenant platform.
  • Scalability – From rapid shifts in supply and demand to mergers and acquisitions, to organizational changes, LeanLogistics LeanTMS® and Managed Transportation Services can quickly scale to meet new transportation requirements.