LeanTMS — Transportation Management System

Drive Down Cost and Improve Service Through Actionable Intelligence

LeanTMS® is the supply chain industry’s leading SaaS transportation management technology. As a true SaaS transportation management system, LeanTMS allows all facets of the supply chain to work collaboratively in a single instance of technology. LeanTMS delivers complete domestic and global transportation planning, execution, settlement and procurement, as well as visibility and actionable intelligence, to improve transportation processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


LeanTMS enables shippers to scale infrastructure and business processes, while gaining efficiencies to improve service offerings. Also, with access to multiple parties on a common platform and collaborative opportunities within a community environment, companies
 gain access to carrier capacity. Furthermore, the global capabilities of LeanTMS ensure compliance by providing complete transportation visibility and access to industry data to meet multi-regional regulations and guidelines.

LeanLogistics technologies are easy to use and easily accessible, robust in nature
 while leveraging data across a common transportation platform. From functionality to infrastructure to platform, LeanTMS implementations are well-supported and accurate. Furthermore, access to the LeanLogistics Transportation Network enables complete management of transportation processes through collaboration, visibility and scalable technology. Traditional installed software is built with single user architecture in mind, which doesn’t provide visibility, centralized control or offer the collaborative benefits of a SaaS platform.

With LeanTMS, companies can:

    • Provide visibility across the entire Transportation Network
    • Receive quicker ROI; typical payback within 6-9 months
    • Access real-time data through one single SaaS solution
    • Manage all aspects for the transportation process
    • Benchmark with actionable intelligence for continuous improvement
    • Centralize control to manage transportation for the entire transportation process
    • Scale infrastructure and quickly adapt technology based on changing business needs
    • Enable multiple parties to leverage technologies through a common platform

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