Optimization for Workflow, Load Planning and Cost Reduction

Three Levels of Transportation Optimization in One System: LeanTMS.

Optimizing your transportation is one of the best examples of how actionable intelligence can drive savings. The optimization capabilities in LeanTMS® can improve efficiencies in your transportation department by increasing productivity and allowing personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives. LeanTMS offers three levels of optimization, all of which can be viewed in a video demo.


Transportation optimization is complex, with consolidation being one of the primary considerations when formulating a least-cost, service-driven solution. Basic principles apply, such as maximizing vehicle utilization, but LeanOpt3® considers more leading-edge methods to achieve greater consolidation opportunities, including newer concepts whereby new orders can be augmented onto existing loads, even those that may have been already tendered.

LeanOpt3 is designed to search for cost savings, some of which may be unknown to transportation departments. By providing the most optimal transportation plan, LeanOpt3 saves companies significant time and expense, while maintaining or improving service levels.


  • Automates the planning of complex shipments and real-world situations
  • Utilizes leading optimization routines and heuristics to produce optimal transportation scenarios
  • Utilizes actual carrier capacity
  • Generates executable shipments through capture and enforcement of actual constraints
  • Supports the dynamic re-optimization of existing loads
  • Includes business intelligence capabilities for analysis and reporting

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