Transportation Appointment Scheduling

Freight Appointment Scheduling Provides Visibility Into Transportation Process

Scheduling and managing shipments has never been more complex or costly than it is today. A shortage of drivers, fuel cost increases, and limited access to funds for reinvestment in equipment have limited carrier options.

LeanAppoint®, a web-based scheduling solution, is a carrier-friendly way of organizing a company’s freight scheduling . With LeanAppoint companies no longer have to rely on spreadsheets or written calendars to manage the transportation schedule. Everything is visible and manageable through an intuitive, online program created to provide greater insight into both carrier and company performance.

With LeanAppoint, transportation departments can:

  • Save money by reducing direct transportation costs and labor
  • Satisfy customers with on-time and accurate delivery
  • Smooth labor flow to help avoid bottlenecks at peak times or idle workers during slower periods
  • Optimize inventory management via priority load visibility
  • Reduce detention fees as shipment dates and times become more visible

LeanAppoint is available as a module of LeanLogistics LeanTMS® or as a stand-alone application.

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