Transportation Technology Brings Supply Chain Transparency to Manufacturing

Widgets. Hard goods. Consumables. Luxury items. Whatever the manufacturing scenario, the end game is the same: knowing what’s where, when and why. More often than not, the one thread that connects all the need to knows is transportation. So the first and foremost technology is a transportation management system that features task automation and transparency across the supply chain, a system such as LeanTMS®. What’s more, LeanTMS supports the data-driven engagement with internal and external partners, which is the catalyst for sustained improvement and increased control over inventory, transportation and customer service.

A SaaS-based TMS Extends Value Well Beyond Transportation for a Positive Impact to Virtually Every Aspect of a Manufacturer’s Operations

Corporate & Purchasing

  • Fast return on investment
  • Scalability to support and enable mergers and acquisitions
  • Reduce carbon footprint, help meet sustainability goals
  • Diverse workforce options utilizing Managed Transportation Services
  • Procurement costs impacting landed costs
  • Enables scheduled or ad hoc sourcing
  • Optimize vendor terms
  • Manage risk profile
  • Automates payment and settlement – eliminates need for freight auditing


  • Plant efficiencies through process flows
  • Improve Just in Time
  • Proactive event management
  • Integrate with ERP or other order to cash management systems
  • Synchronize inbound and outbound


  • Leverage supply chain efficiency to gain market share
  • Continuous KPIs on order fulfillment, on-time delivery and supply to enhance customer service levels
  • Determine true cost to serve


  • Optimize facility and asset utilization
  • Reduce transportation spend
  • Reduced need for safety stock
  • Improved dock and appointment scheduling
  • Achieve Shipper of Choice
  • Gain centralized control of transportation
  • Visibility to select right mode, rate and carrier
  • Global capabilities in mode, language, compliance and currency
  • Improve collaboration among facilities and suppliers

Manufacturer’s Focus on Transportation Management

Manufacturers have historically focused on ERP systems and automation software within the four walls. Many have — or are — relying on their ERP vendor to develop transportation software, aiming for a single-source approach. That thinking is consistent with the line of thought that transportation is an outside competency, on the liability side of the ledger as opposed to an asset.

But the fact is that the best transportation management brings control and order to the supply chain and in doing so makes the whole machine run smoother, more efficiently and at a lower cost. SaaS TMS is excellent way to build a network of your vendors, carriers, distributors, and even customers. SaaS TMS makes the ‘Voice of the Customer’ transparent to the respective parties and helps ensure that the manufacturing decisions are based on good, solid data.

Optimize Performance of Rolling Assets

Manufacturers operating private or dedicated fleets can review lane and load efficiency options, implement tactical improvements and review in-depth reporting.

  • Scales to handle any size volume, SKU configuration, fleet size and number of delivery points for private fleets
  • Evaluates the exponential value of different transportation scenarios to determine best moves
  • Keeps assets running on the most efficient routes with proprietary automatic route consolidation
  • Improves fleet cost-per-mile performance and addresses asset sustainability while enhancing service levels.
  • Provides optimal scenarios with LeanFleet® for both the company and customer, supporting a transportation philosophy of a service-first focus for dedicated assets
  • Achieves lowest-cost optimization of assets while maintaining key service commitments, leading to reduced empty or inefficient miles
  • Delivers intangible savings, including administrative hours saved through use of self-optimizing route scenarios, risk mitigation through the elimination of human errors, and reduction of manpower

Automate Repetitive, System Decision Tasks

Despite their experience and in many cases, expertise, transportation and logistics staff are often burdened with mundane daily routines and tasks associated with load building, tendering, appointment scheduling, confirmation and follow up. Let system automation handle these tasks. Instead, empower your staff to benchmark for process improvement, analyze the network for collaboration opportunities, and manage capacity for optimal use of available resources.

LeanTMS® automation includes:

  • Waterfall load tendering technology, which automatically tenders loads to the next quality carrier
  • Optimized mode and routing of all shipments
  • Management by exceptions, address issues as needed
  • Load consolidation and optimization, carrier selection as well as capacity commitments
  • Routing guide compliance
  • WebSettle® audit and payment process