Why a SaaS Transportation Management System?

LeanTMS® Provides Access to a Collaborative Transportation Community

Today’s transportation management systems (TMS) are available on three different software platforms: on-premise, hosted, or Software-as-a-Service (Saas). The growing preference of industry experts and logistics professionals is toward true SaaS TMS software, a multi-tenant architecture in which all users operate from a single instance of software. This centrally located software instance is highly secure and offers significant benefits over on-premise logistics management software or hosted supply chain solutions.

Why is a true SaaS TMS software so important? In addition to allowing uniform instant upgrades, multi-tenant architecture easily scales to quickly adapt technology based on changing business needs, offers rapid implementation, and a faster return on investment (ROI). Additionally, a SaaS TMS environment empowers collaboration since all users are working from a shared set of real-time data. With LeanTMS®, shippers can gain valuable information from the LeanLogistics Transportation Network.

The LeanLogistics Transportation Network empowers companies to improve overall supply chain management in a collaborative environment. Network TMS members leverage technologies through a common platform. Shippers join forces to optimize loads, and carriers reduce empty miles and their carbon footprint. The larger the network is, the more opportunity for collaboration. This is what sets LeanLogistics LeanTMS apart: true SaaS TMS technology and the LeanLogistics Transportation Network.