Continuous Improvement

Whether you are purchasing LeanTMS® or utilizing our Managed Transportation Services, LeanLogistics strives to ensure there is value in your investment, which is how the value cycle became part of the LeanLogistics methodology. From business assessment to implementation to execution, LeanLogistics’ differentiator is the support provided to all clients to drive continuous improvement while achieving demonstrable value in every step of the process.

LeanLogistics value cycle is a closed-loop review of current transportation processes. The objective of the value cycle is to provide a present status, or baseline KPIs, of how companies are efficiently managing current and long-term challenges of transportation management.

LeanLogistics provides ongoing value by reviewing the current state of your business, analyzing your processes against best-in-class, hypothesizing value, establishing KPIs, and measuring actual KPI execution data to show the realized value.

Throughout our value cycle, members of your staff are exposed to best practices in the industry, including Lean Six Sigma. We will show how a transparent, proven system approach to supply chain management assures incremental value. The value cycle is yet another way we build better supply chains together.


LeanLogistics Value Cycle:

  • Build an economic value justification for project implementation
  • Identify opportunities for improvement with technology and services
  • Hypothesize value opportunities within a company’s transportation processes
  • Assist internal business justification of TMS solution and/or project
  • Develop a plan of action and timetable for realized value
  • Showcase realized value achieved by TMS investment
  • Provide ongoing adjustments to adapt to business and market changes for continuous improvement

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